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For those who prefer cremation over burial, the only option currently available now in Kota Kinabalu for interment of cremated remains (ashes) is in a columbarium niche. 

This presents a new opportunity for our memorial park to venture into a new burial option in the form of “Urn-Burial” to provide another alternative to our Christian and Roman Catholic families for interment of the cremated remains of their loved ones. 

“Urn-Burial” is more economical and affordable as well as environmentally friendly. It is a burial option in which the cremated remains were placed in an urn and buried in the ground with dignity. We classify this newly developed burial product as “Urn-Burial” Lot. 

Why You Must Choose our “Urn-Burial” Lot 

1.Money Saving Benefits

An “Urn-Burial” Lot costs very much less than buying an Expensive large burial plot and paying for an Expensive casket.

2.Conform to Scripture Genesis 3:19

Here it is said that “By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken; for Dust you are and to Dust you will return.” 

3.Combine Convenience and Tradition & Culture

Family members can choose to go with the Less Expensive and Convenient route of Cremation, yet still hold on to Tradition and Cultural needs of Burying those cremated remains of their loved one in the ground with Dignity. 

4.Equipped with Tombstone Installation Function

Not only a Memorial Photo can be installed, it is also possible to engrave Commemorative Inscriptions on the Tombstone in remembrance of words of wisdom or share of important values of your loved one.

5.Easier to Handle 

Burying cremated remains in a very much smaller “Urn-Burial” Lot is easier to handle than a larger Traditional Burial Plot and also Less Time-Consuming.

6.Environmental Friendly

Land is increasingly Sparse and cemeteries in the vicinity of Kota Kinabalu are running Out of Space. “Urn-Burial” Lot is an Excellent Choice to accommodate the continuous needs for Burial as it allows Burial in a very much smaller plot of land. Moreover, cremated ashes do not pose a Health Concern.

With the above benefits, choosing our “Urn-Burial” Lot not only is a smart and trendier choice, you are actually able to have Benefits of both Cremation and Traditional Burial i.e. Cremated and chose to have the cremated remains of your loved one Buried in the ground with Dignity which also Conforms to the Scripture. 

We have three types of Urn-Burial Lots namely Single Lot, Companion Lot-Intermediate and Companion Lot-Corner in our memorial park. All Single Lots are Intermediate lots and the size is slightly smaller than that of the Companion Lot. Currently, for a Single Lot, the Lifetime Maintenance Fee is RM500.00.

Companion Lot consists of two Single Lots that are sold together, usually for a couple and cannot be sold separately as a Single Lot. Majority of the Companion Lots are Intermediate lots, only a limited number of Corner lots are available. Currently, the Lifetime Maintenance Fee of a Companion Lot is RM1,000.00 (RM500.00 x 2).

Please take note that we do not provide the Black Granite Tombstone for all our Urn-Burial Lots which cost greatly depends on the thickness of the tombstone, engraving charges of the inscriptions and the type of memorial photo to be installed on the tombstone. The Tombstone must be purchased and installed by our Authorised Tombstone Supplier in order to ensure product uniformity, quality and durability.

Urn-Burial Lot

Urn-Burial Lot

Urn-Burial Companion Corner Lot

Urn-Burial Single Lot

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