Traditional Burial Plot

Single Burial Lots ( 4' x 8')

Companion Burial Lots ( 8' x 8')

A Burial Plot is a small plot of land where a body is laid to rest in the ground when a person passes away. This is the Traditional type of burial option which is very much preferred by many people, especially those who want to be memorialised alongside with their other loved ones. A Tombstone is usually set up at the head of the burial plot, typically inscribed with the name and of the deceased as well as names of the family members.

Many people also placed a Memorial Photo on the Tombstone. It is also possible to engrave Commemorative Inscriptions on the Tombstone in remembrance of Words of Wisdom or share the Important Values of the deceased on the tombstone. Burial Type is also good for those who prefer outdoor visitations and who want their loved ones to place flowers at the site in a park-setting memorial park.

Our burial plot is a structured underground burial lot which houses the casket. It is a concrete space constructed below the ground for interment of the body in a casket. We have two types of burial type lot, Single Lot and Companion Lot. The size of our Single Lot is 4 feet by 8 feet and can only contain the remains of one person in a casket. Companion Lot consists of 2 lots that are sold together usually for a couple. The size is 8 feet by 8 feet and can contain two people in two separate caskets. Currently, the Lifetime Maintenance Fee of a Single Burial Lot is RM3,000.00 and Companion Burial Lot is RM6,000.00 (RM3,000 x 2).

Traditional Single Burial Plot

Traditional Companion Burial Plot

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