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The Empire Paradise Christian Memorial Park


It is a joint-venture development project between the Developer, Empire Treasure Club Sdn Bhd and the Landowner, Empire Treasure Sdn Bhd.

Located on a piece of 2.25 acres of land designated for cemetery use under the Kota Kinabalu Local Plan, it is the last piece of land designated for open space burial ground within perimeters of the city.

Our memorial park is adjacent to the existing Roman Catholic Cemetery in Taman Century Baru and adjoining Taman Dixon. It will be the last memorial park development project approved by the relevant authorities and also the only Christian memorial park in the City of Kota Kinabalu.

We are also within short driving distance from the three funeral service providers in the city, namely Fook Lu Siew, Hakka Century and K.K.Tiong Hua Funeral Parlour.

The development of this memorial park
consists of 4 zones

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Zone 1

329 lots

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Zone 2

280 lots

Zone 3

249 lots

Zone 4

162 lots

However, Zone 4 has now been converted into a car park. Total number of lots available for sale are now reduced to only 858 lots from 1,020 lots previously. As at to date, construction works for 216 lots in Zone 1 and 98 lots in Zone 3 have been completed and available for booking by the various denomination Christian communities in and around Kota Kinabalu or Sabah.

Conveniently Accessible

The memorial park is easily accessible from the city centre by way of Jalan Penampang Baru up to KM 3.5.  Access is then continued via Jalan Penampang Lama for about 400 metres and continued via Jalan Gunung Bintang which serves Taman Century Baru and Taman Prima Jaya. Thereafter, final access to the memorial park is via Lot 14, Lorong Semangkuk 8, Taman Century Baru.

Surrounding residential developments include Taman Lavender, Taman Dixon, Taman Rindu, Taman Milek, Taman Jindo, Taman Century Baru, Taman Prima Jaya, Taman Eksekutif, Taman Maxwell and Taman Hiburan.

Commercial developments in the vicinity are Heritage Plaza, Lintas Plaza, Lintas Station, Lintas Square, Hilltop and Kolam Commercial Centre, Hong Tong Commercial Centre, Towering Shoplots, Bandar Baru Penampang Shoplots , Bundusan Pavilion, Bundusan Squares, Bundusan Commercial Centre and Beverly Hills Plaza.


Our Concept & Approach

The development of this memorial park is based on the eco-friendly concept in a beautiful park setting. This has been tested and proven to work well in other foreign countries, with emphasis on greening of the surrounding environment to enhance both its ecology and aesthetic value. Only organic fertiliser will be used for the trees, grass and flowers planted within the memorial park.

The burial system is also designed to have a comprehensive ground water filtering system to protect the local water sources, both surface and underground.

Systematic Management & Maintenance

A management office will be established at the memorial park. We provide year-round maintenance and upkeep of all the facilities in the memorial park.

A Lifetime Maintenance Fund will be set up for this purpose and a well-established local church will be appointed to manage the fund and undertake the upkeep and year-round maintenance works of the memorial park.


We develop a One-Stop Environmental-Friendly Memorial Park within perimeters of the City which is in consistent with the National Landscape's policy to increase greenery within the Municipality.


We continuously venture into new Economical and Affordable burial products for the Christian and Roman Catholic Communities in the vicinity of Kota Kinabalu.

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